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Our Vision

We dream of a world where every individual and community has the agency over their own lives. 

We exist to ensure every individual at the grassroots has the voice and agency to change their communities. We empower them with citizen skills, knowledge and dispositions to demand and create equity. 


Young people have the power to drive change in community and lead us to better tomorrow by taking real action today.


Unemployed graduates in India

Drop-out rate between Grade I to Grade X

Drop in scores on Creative Genius Level between ages 5 to 15

The Challenge

"Everybody is ready to do rallies and hold candles but nobody is really standing. 

Everyone is ready to do protests but no one has the fire in their eyes to create change in themselves.

Everyone is ready to say "voice matter" 

Just open your door and listen 

Someone is murmuring."


Khushi, Age 14

People below 25 years of age make 50% of India's population. But they make 100% of India's Future!

Our Solution


Our flagship program empowers young citizens to bring systemic change using citizen journalism as a tool. They research and report on issues that matter, mobilise stakeholders and share their stories on diverse platforms.  



NEP Fellowship is India’s first fellowship program for children from disadvantaged communities. We equip the vulnerable section to shape their own communities by working on the issues that matter to them.

NEP Fellowship

We use the transformational power of arts to teach children 21st century life skills. Arya represents the hope of young citizens to follow their dream. The programs culminates into a Broadway Styled Musical. 

The Musical

Our Partners and Supporters

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Be A Changemaker

While many hope for a better world, some actively build it. If you are a builder, we are counting on you.




Be A Contributor

Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much. Let us come together, to build citizenship in one Young Indian.