Our Vision

A world where every individual and community has agency over their own lives.


Our Mission

Foster voice and agency in young citizens


Our Manifesto

We see the many truths of the world- a world which is divided, 

A world which is marred with violence, and discrimination 

With poverty and inequity

Where more often that not, people are asked to sit down and shut up

While we see the  truth, we also dare to hope

Hope to create a world which we be proud to call our home 

We believe in people. 

We believe each and everyone of us have extraordinary power

We act as catalyst to unleash that power within each individual, each community

And As long as there is even one child

One woman, 

One Man,

One individual
left behind, 

We will keep on working, keep on building, keep on falling, keep on learning.

We will wake up with the same passion, the same commitment, the same hope

Till we build a world which works for everyone, 

A world where every individual and community has  agency over their own lives


Lack of Civic Engagement

Young Citizens don't have the skills, knowledge and dispositions to represent their interests and bring a systemic change.


Local Civic Engagement

Every person has the right to learn how to participate as citizens. We inspire civic engagement through a proven standard-aligned program that gives students the opportunity to experience real world democracy.


Ankita Nawlakha

Founder and CEO

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Ankita is a passionate teacher and a lifelong learner. Her work at Teach For India  as a Fellow and a  Program Manager made her realise that young people hold the key to a just, equal India. With this belief, she  started SOC.  When she isn't designing or implementing programs to strengthen citizen skills,  she spends her time reading, meditating and writing.

Vaibhav Garg

Strategy Lead


Vaibhav comes from a Education Consulting background. His work at BCG, TFI and Kizazi strengthened his belief in at scale education reform. At SOC, Vaibhav oversees strategy and scale. When he isnt working, he spends his team learning trivia, watching Netflix and baking healthy cookies. 

Saket Dhawal

Design and Creative Lead


Saket believes that great people and great design are they key to a successful organisation.  At SOC, his work involves designing newsletters, application, posters and overseeing program implementation. Outside work, Saket loves sketching, playing his Guital and Kajon, watching new movies and trying interesting food, 

Muskan Tanwani

Student Mentor 


Muskan is a 11th grader in GD Goenka Public School from New Delhi who is passionate about spoken word poetry, literature and theatre and strongly believes in compassion, courage and grit. She uses different art forms to overcome various social issues such as educational inequity and gender inequality. 


Student Mentor


Shiksha is a 11th grader studying in Tagore international school. he thrives on motivating and challenging others around her. She is passionate about solving the Education Crisis in the country. One of the other values that drives her is empathy and perseverance. She makes sure everyone around her is living up to their potential and is being heard. 


Student Mentor


Afsaar Maniyar IS A 12th grader in Fergusson College. Afsaar describes himself as an observer and a learner. Afsaar strongly believe in change-making and act upon his thought. He has led school wide student club projects and reprseemted his work at TedX and KER. 

Nidhi Lamba



Nidhi is driven teacher and a certified life skill trainer. She played a pivotal role is establishing SOC during its early days. She oversaw program design and implementation. She is passionate about dancing, child well being and Environment Sustainability.  

Our Advisors

Jeetu Khubchandani

Share the amazing things customers are saying about your business. Double click, or click Edit Text to make it yours. Share the amazing things customers are saying about your business. Double click, or click Edit Text to make it yours. Share the amazing things customers are saying about your business. Double click, or click Edit Text to make it yours.